"Excellent! A very hands-on, creative approach with timely solutions to 'everyday' challenges and conflicts. He takes the counseling/coaching experience to a new level."

John Franks
HECO Industrial Service Groups

"Knowledgeable, highly effective speaker and coach. Bruce Punches helps individuals tap into strategies for effective communication...very realistic, insightful, and relevant."

Shirley Johnson
President, Board of Education
Portage Public Schools

"Dynamic speaker with great subject content--awesome quips, quotes, and anecdotes."
Abbie Howard
Regional Manager
National City Bank

"Bruce Punches captivates with a challenging message delivered in an unforgettable manner."
Neil Wolf, M.D.
Cadillac Surgical Care

"Expect great results when you work with Bruce Punches!"

Zach Noling, CPA
Price Waterhouse

"A solid command of relational communication methodology. Just what is needed for those of us serious about empowering our teams."
Arif Huissain
Program Manager
Parker Aerospace

"A focused, energetic speaker who throws positive punches at you. His hands-on, real-world examples, humor, and illustrations hit right where it counts."
Bart Dempsey
Team Leader
Stryker Medical

"That success is never final and failure never fatal really put things into perspective. Bruce Punches' practical, from-the-trenches strategies put TNT behind his counseling and speaking."
Dean Watson
Technical Innovation Specialist
Dow Chemical  

"Very positive and fresh...a great way to jump start a season, conference, school year, or corporate initiative."
Elizabeth Wright
Marketing Manager
Treystar Inc.

"Inspiring....Bruce Punches connects with his clients. He is a true motivator!"
Gail Runge
Manager, Clinical Excellence
Bronson Hospital

"Bruce Punches packs helpful information, humor, and lively interaction to drive home key points. The NASA simulation was terrific."
Tim Lamie
Operations Manager

"Bruce Punches delivers a sincere, powerful message that is positive, inspiring, and deeply moving."
Pam Voss-Page
Student Leadership Services of Michigan

"Professional, passionate, provocative...his stories resonate and trigger serious introspection."
Norm Veliquette
Great Lakes Packing Inc.

"Bruce Punches grabbed the attention of this audience, shook it, and never let go. Follow up sessions brought everyone out of their shells with great dialogue and processing!"
Stan Moberg
Training Director
Autocam Corp

"His services are well suited for people who manage others. Timely!  Meaningful role-plays and life applications."
Rosie Grzeb
MPI Research

"Mr. Punches arms his clients with an arsenal of approaches to assertive communication without sparking the fight or flight mentality. His ideas are highly empowering and relevant to everyday situations such as diffusing tense situations."
Char Gleesing
Customer Service Manager
Alliant HealthCare

"Very innovative! His fun, yet informative seminar is ideal for anyone who needs touse effective communication to negotiate, sell, manage, problem solve, and empower others!"
Ann Gilchrist
Quality Engineer
Mann & Hummel USA Inc.

"Bruce Punches ranks high on our list of honorary guests. He is a top rated keynote speaker at our statewide conference fourteen years running! Conferees describe his keynote address as eyeopening, insightful, touching, engaging, humorous, and enthusiastically contagious."
Charles Bell
Chairman, Life Leadership
Rotary International

"I don't hesitate to recommend Bruce Punches as your next trainer.  He is committed to offering the best to your organization."
Jason Crowell
American Metal Fabricators Inc.

"Our company continues to send our management teams to Bruce Punches' seminars.  They are an integral part of our quality improvement efforts."
Matt VanBeek
Team Leader
Landscape Forms Inc.

"Mr. Punches is a dynamic and informative speaker. Excellent presentation and training skills."
Allen Hearn
Operations Supervisor
Perrigo USA

"I certainly increased my set of communication skills.  I am eager to try them out starting today!  I look forward to working with him one-on-one."
Michelle Dorbin
Continual Improvement Specialist
Kalsec, Inc.

"Your exceptional presentations contributed significantly to the growth of all 600 attendees at our annual conference. Thank you for sharing your expertise! I'll be sure to recommend you!"
Robert Kennon
Michigan Department of Education

"It is clear Mr. Punches knows his content.  What really impresses me is that he knows how to facilitate learning in such as fun, applicable way. Communication competence is absolutely essential in all relationships!"
Sue Harvey
Regional Coordinator
Mid-Michigan Community Action Agency

"If you have a desire to grow as a communicator or leader, take this seminar or work with Bruce individually." 
Dan Hanex
Project Manager
CSM Group

"Communication is important for everyone to succeed. Bruce Punches' lively and engaging training will help participants to improve their skills at work and at home."

Jeremy Reivitt
Quality Team Leader